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Here Comes Animation Book

I typeset and designed a book using Hayao Miyazaki's speech from 1988 about his passion for animation. Susan Napier's article about Studio Ghibli films and Miyazaki's practices is included as a secondary text. I wanted to create a book that gave a magical feeling that I would get from watching Studio Ghibli's movies. 

Find Hayao Miyazaki's Here Comes Animation Speech

Find Susan Napier's Hayao Miyazaki's Cursed Worlds

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Hayao Miyazaki’s speech in 1988 shares his passion about animated films. He establishes how film allows us to escape from reality and indulge in the magical world he creates. The article by Susan Napier describes the author's experience watching Studio Ghibli films and her analysis of the animations, in particular, Princess Mononoke. Both the speech and the article discusses themes of anti-war, peace, and magic in Miyazaki's animated worlds. By incorporating the two texts in the same book, I intended to create a reading experience that goes back and forth from the creator and the viewers' perspective.


The book is bound in Japanese stitch binding style and a has a desbossed title. I used different paper types and widths for the two texts to differentiate between the voices. Film stills from Studio Ghibli animations are printed on vellum to serve as a chapter title page. I used a mix of a traditional serif typeface and a handwritten typeface to suggest a sense of intimacy for the readers.

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