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DPRK Design: A Photographer Visits North Korea

Zachary Petit's DPRK Design: A Photographer Visits North Korea is a powerful and inspiring article, recounting on his experience in North Korea. I have typeset and designed a short book for the article.

Find Zachary Petit's DPRK Design: A Photographer Visits North Korea

The article focuses on the transformational experience of David Kulesza, a photographer, in North Korea. I used the vertical element of my modular grid to emphasize the overbearing control of the dictatorship. By using stretched out typography that weaves through the grid, I intended to suggest a sense of movement and life that is not often recognized from the outsiders' view. ​​


The book is in black and white until page 12, when a burst of pink and blue is introduced with a suggestion of flipping the page. With the introduction of color and a simultaneous increase of flexibility, I wanted to create a dynamic experience for the readers that mimics the sensation that Dave Kulesza felt when he entered the enclosed country.

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